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Woman empowerment: Training beekeepers and skills

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We do continual training in smaller groups where peers support each other and new beekeepers work with more advanced women to gain experience while the larger group of approximately 40 women support all on groups and have open days where we join and share knowledge, local skills, data and perspective. This is extremely motivating and fuels innovation. Other women in crosscutting sectors assist with developing markets and skills where locals make products and crafts for awareness and poverty elevation

Environmental Research, Pioneer Projects & Data

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No current data is available on bees relating to diseases, occurrence, species, and status or regarding the actual challenges in Namibia. The urgent need for local validated current data through baseline field studies is essential for analysis that can accurately provide and establish a point of reference to work from. We have compiled a team of researchers and identified needs through national concerns, past reports, arial surveys and from current beekeepers. These concerns will be addressed through local and international scientists and institutions, but we have to gain government support for this to realize and have effect. Proposals for funding have been submitted and reports have been compiled that will be used for valuable international support and collaboration. Feasibility studies for local laboratories and budgets for further surveys are currently in progress. 

Education & Youth Engagement, Creating Awareness & Heritage

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Every educational opportunity from phone calls to student participation in the field or engaging with schools is used. World Bee Day is when we annually launch the Schools Art Competition with innovative ways to participate and educate.

We have engaged with several schools and also have proposals for unique local material to do education that we still have to secure funding for. We trust to enroll a unique program to all schools in the next four years and have different activity booklets, posters and various innovative ways through visual education that can be used as repeated in building blocks that expands to higher educational levels.

We aim to capture all apiculture history of Namibia in a book for Heritage since it has been knowingly practices in various cultures for more that a 100 years in Namibia. 

Developing of Markets &  Networks, Securing Funding

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There are local stores, markets and tourist destinations that is participating and promoting the unique products we sell and new innovation to expand and brand products, awareness crafts and gift packages.

Voluntary individuals further the cause, assist in marketing research and selling the products while they identify needs and challenge where we can adapt or expand.

The awareness campaigns are done as specific events like World Bee Day or a breakfast, but also continually where we introduce the programs, do media coverage, competitions as well as public events.

Fundraising is done through doing events, donations and providing services. We have also started training programs and although the products are sold these funds directly go back to the communities that we support. 





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