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  • Insect identifications                  N$ 500 per ID
  • Fuel vouchers                                N$1,000
  • Brochures                                      N$ 1800/100
  • License discs                                 N$ 2,000/100
  • Business cards                              N$ 350/ 100
  • Sign Boards                                   TBC.
  • Posters                                            N$ 2,100/50
  • Magnetic posters                          N$ 760 /2
  • T- shirts                                          N$ 3,000/10
  • Adverts                                            N$ 7,000
  • Activity book                                   N$ 3,600/100
  • Posters                                              N$ 2,100/50
  • Best Practices booklets                  N$ 1,800/10


  • Apiaries depending on site and infrastructure Branding         N$ 40,000- N$ 60,000
  • Research package 4 boxes (Incl. weather station and solar panel)    N$ 60,000
  •  Your company/office info & basic training session – unique! N$ 20,000
  • Starter packs N$ 12,000
  • Training removals/ regional (all incl.)    N$ 20,000


  • Training for 1 person N$ 36,000 (Starter package & 6 month practical training)
  •  Office support N$ 3,000 pm
  • Awareness campaign / Events co- sponsor N$ 10,000
  •  Breakfast awareness 2023
  •  Africa Apimondia 2023
  •  Art competition (Advertising, traveling exhibition costs, prizes)
  •   School sponsors – a school / region TBC


  • National survey beekeepers (3 months)    TBC
  • Diseases detection TBC
  • Digital Mapping N$ 60,000
  • Market research TBC
  • Research pollinators – baseline study on pollinator

APIARIES: Service providers & Companies

This is a great opportunity for directly and indirectly restoring a link in nature that contributes to biodiversity and environmental stability. The hives that are used are also supporting individuals starting SME’s for poverty elevation supporting the community with this project.  The adopt-a-hive will be rolled out to all regions and major towns in Namibia to save bees as a collaborative innovation between various sectors with the assistance of regional representatives of the Beekeeping Association of Namibia and local authorities.

Depending on the site and availability of power and water the average cost to fence an area with proper safety and shading costs around N$ 60 000 including labor with security material.

Availability of food, water and flight distances for the bees has to be considered, as well as safety and accessibility. Sites will be discussed since other options might be available.




Recent projects!

Wild Kids Academy

Wild Kids Academy

? Happy Bee Day to everyone and always protect bees! Wild Kids Academy is a school in touch with nature! Wild Kids Academy is a Private School based in Katima Mulilo, Zambezi Region, Namibia. Women for Bees namibia made a special visit in honor of World Bee day - It...

World Bee day

World Bee day

20 May 2022 World Bee Day is observed on 20 May each year to draw attention to the essential role bees and other pollinators play in keeping people and the planet healthy. It provides an opportunity for governments, organizations, civil society and concerned citizens...

Practical training women beekeepers

Practical training women beekeepers

The goal of this training involves: Understand how to manage bees based on their needs, the bee colony cycle, and the expected bee products Recognize the importance of being proactive in order to protect bee colonies and expand production. Recognize that by providing...

Bee removal

Bee removal

Bees are frequently in the wrong place, and other factors may necessitate removal action. You may have children or pets who could harm the hive and be attacked. Because honeybees build their nests in cavities, any space between walls or floors is a suitable site for a...

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