Adopt- A-Hive


Make a Difference…

This is a great marketing opportunity;  it directly and indirectly restores a link in nature that is globally recognized to be under threat, and it contributes to biodiversity and environmental stability. The hives that are used will also be supporting people who are starting SMEs for poverty elevation in community projects.  The adopt-a-hive will be rolled out to all regions and major towns in Namibia to save bees, and provide training and research as a collaborative innovation between various sectors. The assistance of the regional representatives of the Beekeeping Association of Namibia and local authorities will identify needs, challenges and opportunities to expand this program.

Pine Wood Hive Brood box

N$ 3,000  / U$D 300

Namibian hardwood boxes

ND$ 5,000 / UD$ 500

Plexiglass Observation hives

ND$ 10,000 /  US$ 1,000

Monthly installment for more maintenance & continual exposure /marketing  ND$ 500                                                                                         


Custom-made/modular boxes for expanding

ND$ 15,000 / UD$ 1,500

Monthly installment  for more maintenance & continual exposure/ marketing UD$ 1,000

For the Sponsor

  • You contribute to save bees a fascinating experience assisting Trained beekeepers
  • Boxes are branded with your name and the sponsor has marketing opportunity
  • 10% of the honey produced from bees in year 2 will be delivered to you/your company
  • Traceability of bees ensured – stay connected to monitored bees
  • Be engaged with the fascination of bees increasing awareness, sparking more vibrant, interactive innovation, giving local support and supporting professional services
  • SME business community support


Make a choice, send a mail as notification to the members@beekeepingassociation and do the payment with the reference of Adopt and the number of choice as reference.


There are bees that have been rescued that are up for adoption already. This can be done for bees that you want removed, or as a sponsor for future removals. Any time is a good time, before during or after any removal. There are so many bees and people already in need of help.


Anywhere in Namibia can be reached. We have requests for specialist removals throughout the country that are currently not feasible due to the costs of traveling, however with funding we can reach all of Namibia.

Bee part of the solution:

Solving a problem & GIVING OPPORTUNITY:

  • Bee RESCUE & removals done professionally costs time & money
  • People care for bees, want to keep them or ‘keep in touch’,

but don’t have the space, time, knowledge or experience


  • Experienced professional removals done by experienced beekeepers
  • Experienced Beekeepers look after & manage hives at designated apiaries

Other Observation beehive options

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